NFC-capableRFID tags

NFC (Near Field Communication) tags communicate with NFC transmitters in smartphones or tablets and are able to transfer information at short range.

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Transmit product information or other data straight to smartphones. Fast and easy. We offer you new possibilities with this revolutionary technology.

RFID and NFC are conquering the mobile world with short range data transmissions to smartphones and tablets. They are suitable for a wide range of applications and will revolutionise your customer communication processes.

The opportunities for you:

  • Simplified payment processes
  • Guaranteed linking of smartphones and terminals (e.g. active speakers, printers)
  • Integration of the smartphone in business processes as an alternative payment tool
  • Improve customer satisfaction through greater proximity to customers
  • Optimally unite the real and virtual worlds
  • Optimise data management
  • Efficiently communicate relevant product information

Shopping and promotions:

  • NFC chips integrated in the products make it possible to guide consumers to additional relevant information or promotions
  • Use smart posters to communicate directly with customers and encourage them to communicate directly with you

Medical and health:

  • Medical doctors with NFC-capable tablets can retrieve all the data for a specific patient in a matter of seconds
  • Pharmacists can quickly check medications to reduce the risk of adverse interactions with other substances and more reliably identify counterfeits

Tourism and culture:

  • An automatic link to the smartphone makes it possible for tourism service providers to deliver targeted information to customers in their own language
  • Museums can also link each exhibit to background information in the visitor’s language
  • In the culture and event sector, smart posters can provide more detailed information and sell tickets so that the user doesn’t have to queue up at the ticket office

In addition to using innovative technology we are committed to high quality and environmentally aware. We always work in line with international standards and ISO certifications. And we regularly use the most critical testers in the world – our customers – to assess our performance.

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