RobustRFID labels.

As the name suggests, asset tags are used to label assets such as reusable transport containers. Special ambient environment factors such as temperature fluctuations, washing processes and mechanical loads are taken into account in their design.

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Asset tags in logistics and in production ensure the reliable automatic identification of assets in tough everyday operations. Talk to us about your requirements.

Asset tags have a high-bond adhesive that fuses permanently on uneven or irregular surfaces. Although the standard size is 110 x 25 millimetres, we can also supply customer-specific asset tags in terms of size and printing requirements. The use of premium synthetic materials and coatings guarantees extreme durability. When properly bonded to the asset’s surface, our asset tags are chemical, humidity and water-resistant. They can withstand permanent temperatures of -40 to +95°C and a temperature of 150°C for up to one hour.

  • Applications: physical assets, e.g. reusable transport containers
  • Materials: high quality synthetic materials
  • Cover material: films
  • Adhesive: application-optimised, high-bond adhesive
  • Resistance: weather, acid, alkali and temperature/washing-resistant
  • Print/design options: coloured printing, imprinting and initialisation service, tamper-evident effects
  • Available formats: 110 x 25 mm, 110 x 37 mm (other formats by request)
  • Finished form: labels on rolls, fan-fold labels
  • Customisation service: on request we can pre-initialise our asset tags, or consecutively code or number them

Integrated transponder:

  • Reach: technology, application and environment-independent
  • Frequency band: UHF: 860 MHz to 960 MHz
  • Chip manufacturers: NXP, Impinj, Alien (others by request)
  • Memory: chip-dependent (by request)

In addition to using innovative technology we are committed to high quality and environmentally aware. We always work in line with international standards and ISO certifications. And we regularly use the most critical testers in the world – our customers – to assess our performance.

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