There are plenty of reasons to choose us:

identytag® – the right choice for RFID-based tagging systems.

Quality always first.
Put your trust in high-quality RFID products, made in Germany.

With identytag® you get more than 80 years of experience in the manufacture of industrial tagging products and more than 15 years of expertise in RFID technology. High-quality has always been at the core of our activities and has been transformed into a successful brand. We are now one of the leading companies for RFID tagging products Europe-wide.

Our guarantors for quality:
State-of-the-art production facilities and a motivated team of specially selected specialists with excellent technological skills to deliver innovative and high-quality product solutions to meet the highest of customer demands – and with the Made in Germany seal of approval.
Our specialist areas:
The production of high-quality, coded and individualised tagged products for automated identification (RFID). Specialists in developing customised solutions to meet the specific RFID needs of customers.
Successfully used across a range of branches.
Discover new opportunities with customised RFID products!
  • identytag® Smart Label > Product tagging, logistics …
  • identytag® Smart Tag > Branding, Kanban …
  • identytag® HightempTag > Automobile paint lines, high-temperature applications …
  • identytag® AssetTag > Inventory, pool management …
  • identytag® Smart Ticket > Events, public transport …
  • identytag® SportsTag > Automatic timing …
  • identytag® TextileTag > Clothing, leather, seat covers …
  • identytag® WindshieldLabel > Access control, car parks …
  • NFCTag > Advertising, tickets …
Meeting your needs to achieve success.
Discover increased flexibility using customisable RFID chips.

The opportunities and applications are virtually limitless using identytag®. We have 120 materials permanently on hand and an extensive stock of transponders to offer unbeatable flexibility. Our mission: To precisely meet even the most exceptional needs. And we do it fast, economically and with a commitment to success.

identytag® has perfected the art of integrating the latest transponder technology into needs-based products. All Winckel RFID tagging products are available in rolled, endless, single and sheeted versions and can be supplied in a range of technical and design formats. Furthermore, we provide an extra special service and customise products according to your specific specifications, e.g. with electronic product codes (EPC), sequential coding and numbering.

Increased efficiency and security for your logistics.
Improve logistical processes with fully automated identification.

Our innovative Smart Label using RFID technology enables the easy, automatic and secure identification of your products. This provides the basis for efficient processes and optimised workflows. The advantages of Smart Labels over barcode labelling: Smart Labels can be automated and are readable without the need for visual or physical contact. They also have the option of simultaneous readings of multiple transponders. This brings security and saves you time and resources.

Identytag – RFID Smarttags
Identytag Textile Tag RFID

How RFID-Chips work:

  • Smart Labels are tags with integrated, ultra-thin transponders (chip with an integrated processor/memory on an antenna)
  • The type of tag material can be individually determined: direct thermal and thermal transfer paper can be used as well as three-dimensional stable films and many other types of materials
  • The power required for operation is provided by the reading device’s electromagnetic field
  • Communication and information takes place via inductive or electromagnetic (depending on transfer frequency) coupling with the reading device



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